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Welcome to my website, the main focus of which is my various Cornwall calendars. Why?

Tim Martindale
Tim Martindale

Cornwall is in my blood. I was born and educated in Bude and, following A-Levels, I studied technical illustration for four years at art college whilst living in Portreath, Troon and Camborne. It was during these years I developed my deep love for west Cornwall.  The illustration course provided an incredibly broad and useful range of relevant skills, from figure drawing, graphic design, illustration styles, print technology, even some mechanical engineering –  and of course, photography. Although at that time my photography was a means to an end, rather than the end itself. This was just before the days of computers, digital cameras and Photoshop, so anything that didn’t exist had to be drawn, painted and airbrushed, in the traditional sense of the word. On graduation, I immediately became a freelance and moved to Bristol.

Whilst there I worked for many top advertising agencies producing work for British Aerospace, Sony, Amtrak, Imperial Tobacco, Avon Rubber and many other international companies, using a variety of different media. I also had the honour of appearing in ‘The Yellow Book of Excellence in Art & Design’ showcasing British artistic talent and also contributed to ‘The Manual of Airbrushing’, considered to be the premier Airbrushing textbook.

Within a couple of years it was obvious was the impact of the ‘new-fangled’ computers was going to be and I realised that this particular world was about to be turned on its head. Foreseeing the imminent redundancy of airbrush artists, as graphic designers relished the prospect of ‘electronic airbrushing’,  I decided to re-locate back to my native Bude and started Timart Design & Publishing, diversifying back to graphic design,  photography and promoting the tourist trade – whilst fully embracing the new computer technology!

I’ve always been a lover of the great outdoors; the coast and sea in particular and I love exploring. I’ve walked the complete Cornwall coastal path; many stretches several times, and some stretches, hundreds of times. I’ve kayaked around a good few stretches and most of the way down the Tamar and flown around most of the coastline so I’m well acquainted with Cornwall’s periphery.  Allied to these explorations I spent half a dozen years as a member of Bude’s inshore lifeboat crew and subsequently have been a member of the Coastguard Search and Rescue team since 2006, where I am the Deputy Station Officer.

The internet, and social media in particular, has opened up a whole new raft of opportunities for photographers to have their work seen by a much larger audience and I’ve been humbled to see how rapidly my Facebook page swelled in size. Now, due to overwhelming requests and support, comes my website along with opportunities to purchase my calendars. Print and Canvas sales are hanlded on my behalf by Seventh Wave Gallery in Bude so if you fancy one of my images for your wall, they are the people to talk to!

Out ‘in the field’ I enjoy working as simply as possible with as little kit as I can get away with! I primarily use a Nikon D810. Most often this is co9upled to a Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8 lens – a combined weight around my neck of about 3kg! I don’t use filters of any description for a number of reasons; but mostly because they restrict spontaneity.

So please have a browse – and I hope you enjoy doing so. If you have any special requests, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to oblige. 🙂


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