Farewell to a faithful old friend


Over the last nine years, this VW Transporter has been my ever-faithful companion travelling the length and breadth of the county and enabling silly-o-clock sunrises and late sunsets without having to keep ungodly times to get to and from locations.

I converted it to a camper myself and its maiden voyage was a ten day trip through France into the Alps, where three of us cozily camped in sub-zero temperatures. My son, who would have been about 14 at the time, slept in the tunnel our bed – albeit with his head sticking out at the end! Happy days!  It’s seen a good few Glastonburys too – much more civilised than a tent!

All good things come to an end though and now  it’s time to let it find a new loving owner for some fresh adventures without me.

If you’d like to be its new companion, you can find the details here.  Update: The van was quickly sold to the first viewer.